Welcome to my Prolazyme Review. If you are reading this, you probably already know that optimizing your digestive system will relieve constipation, reduce bloating, prevent gas and reduce mental fogginess while boosting energy. Simply put, getting relief from digestive problems will dramatically improve the quality of your life.

I will talk more about this below, but ProlaZyme has been discontinued and my recommendation is now for Patriot Power Greens as you will see in this video below:

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What is ProlaZyme?
Containing a healthy balance of enzymes that include antioxidants, fatty acids and free amino acids as well as vitamins and minerals, ProlaZyme is an all-natural digestive enzyme supplement. Enzymes assist your body in transforming food into nutrients, and contains many that are effective in speeding up your biological processes.

What Does ProlaZyme Contain?
Natural ingredients comprise all of the contents with no artificial products. Unripe papaya, the core of pineapple, a blend of concentrated greens and sea buckthorn are the primary ingredients. Probiotics from yeast and bacteria produce the enzymes, and the inclusion of vitamins and the minerals makes the supplement a nutritional powerhouse.

What Can ProlaZyme Do For You?
Using enzymes from unripe papaya allows the supplement to retard inflammation, dissolve scarred tissue and resist fungus. Pineapple core enzymes can assist in breaking down meat and dairy products that you consume. They also assist your body in producing substances that relax muscles, limit inflammation and inhibit swelling while enhancing natural abilities to fight pain. Concentrated greens provide chlorophyll, copper, iron, manganese, potassium and calcium that nourish and energize your cells. Enzymes activate your cells and regulate their chemical reaction, making them essential in promoting good health.

The superfood sea-thorn contains phytonutrients and essential vitamins as well as Omega 3, 6, 7 and 9 to repair damage from free radicals. Contributing to the germination of probiotics, the supplement promotes colonization of good bacteria that fight urinary tract infections. The supplement offers a balance that enhances your body’s natural defenses.

Nutritional supplements that contain enzymes help your body break down food as part of the digestive process. It enhances the work of your pancreas by releasing digestive enzymes into your gut. Offering aid for indigestion, it may contribute to a replacement therapeutic regimen when the pancreas is unable to perform. Digestive enzymes help your body resist low-grade inflammation that may result from food allergies. Low stomach acid may lead to an insufficient amount of digestive enzymes that one can replace with this supplement. Chronic stress can impair your body’s ability to produce adequate digestive enzymes, a condition that you may guard against with this product.

UltraLite Nutrition has rebranded ProlaZyme as Miracle Biotics (which is now discontinued).

What ProlaZyme Cannot Do for You?
Dietary enzyme supplements do not replace a healthy diet, but they offer complementary enhancements for your body’s digestive system. Resolving complex food intolerance issues requires a medical diagnosis by a credentialed professional.

Watch this Prolazyme video on YouTube.com

Pros of Using ProlaZyme
Digesting the proteins that your food contains is a primary function of digestive enzymes. Some of them occur naturally in your body, specifically the enzymes trypsin and chymotrypsin. Papaya and pineapple provide papain and bromelain that make it effective in reducing swelling and inflammation. Other benefits include these:

• Enzymes ensure your health. They govern every chemical reaction that your body experiences, even controlling the behavior of your cells. The vitamins with the minerals that you consume are nearly powerless without the activation that enzymes provide.

• Maintaining a proper level of enzymes affects your quality of life. Your body uses enzymes more rapidly on some occasions, such as extremely hot or cold weather. Strenuous exercise can deplete your supply, and experiencing an illness draws heavily on your store of enzymes. Taking this supplement helps maintain your enzyme storehouse.

• Processed and packaged convenience food does not give you the digestive enzymes that help you absorb nutrients. Additives, nitrates, and preservative chemicals create deficiencies of enzymes that will have to compensate for with a reliable supplement. Food that contains unhealthy ingredients can create an imbalance of good and bad bacteria, and an overgrowth of yeast can cause inflammation in your gut.

Increasing your consumption of fresh fruit and vegetables in their raw state can usually help you maintain a healthy level of enzymes. However, cooking food can deplete the natural enzymes that you need. Taking a supplement prior to eating may help offset some of the negative consequences of heat on your food. When your intake of enzymes is inadequate, your body borrows from other parts to facilitate healthy digestive process.

Raw food is often beneficial, but it does not always provide sufficient enzymes. Eating raw peanuts, egg whites, peas, beans, potatoes and lentils can neutralize enzymes that your body needs. This now provides the positive effect on the digestive system that helps it function efficiently.

• Increasing intake of enzymes in old age provides health benefits. Enzyme production slows down with age, affecting the digestive process. Age makes the body less efficient in absorbing nutrients, often leading to an increase in disease and sickness.

Cons of Using ProlaZyme
Adjusting to taking an enzyme supplement may cause mild symptoms of diarrhea or other intestinal distress. Some enzymes may cause allergic reactions if you have a sensitivity to wheat, ragweed, pollen, marigolds, carrots and fennel.

Final Thoughts and Recommendations
Understanding the importance of enzymes to in ones digestive system helps you make an informed decision about using the best nutritional supplement. ProlaZyme optimizes digestive system function with 100 percent natural nutrients and ingredients. Taking two capsules a day gives you the most benefit, but starting with one capsule daily lets you observe how your body reacts to it.

The best time to take a dose is with your breakfast. You may feel the results immediately after your first dose, but allowing two or three weeks is the best way to assess its effect on your body. A gentle exercise program can enhance the effectiveness of the supplement.

ProlaZyme Review
Reviewed by Kelly James
Rating: 9.5

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