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Raw Foods for Better Health

The mastery of fire is the one trait that separates man from beasts. As soon as we gained the ability to warm ourselves, we lost the need to grow fur all over our bodies. We were also able to seriously reduce the amount of bacteria we consume, until entire organs (such as the appendix) became obsolete. The benefits of cooking far outweigh any negatives, but we may be cooking foods that we were intended to eat raw.

Raw Food for a Better Life

Most people would naturally prefer the taste of boiled or baked broccoli to a completely raw stalk. However, the raw broccoli is better at replenishing important enzymes. While it's always a good idea to cook meats and poultry until they're well-done, doing so to some foods robs them of not only nutrients -- but the enzymes you need as well.

Raw Food, Health, and Detoxification

What are Enzymes

The technical definition of an Enzyme is an organic substance that's intended to generate a particular reaction. They're catalysts that cause a chemical reaction when they're introduced. Hormones also cause reactions in the body, but they differ from enzymes in several ways.

Enzymes Versus Proteins

Enzymes are typically proteins, generated within living cells. They usually have an effect within the very cell that produced them. Hormones on the other hand usually have an effect somewhere other than the place they were generated. Hormones also have a much more pronounced effect upon the body, but enzymes are still very important.

Explain Everything Proteins and Enzymes

What Enzymes Do

Essentially, enzymes speed up the chemical reactions within the body's cells. Different cells have different responsibilities, and they rely upon different enzymes to assist them. Enzymes are usually composed of amio acids, and they help to break down proteins, sugars and fats. Some enzymes even help to form other enzymes, to keep you healthy. If you're missing a particular type of enzyme, your overall physical health is going to suffer.

The Real Damage of Cooking

Anytime food is heated to more than 118 degrees F -- for more than three minutes -- the proteins began to break down and coagulate. The natural fibers also began to break down, which takes the food longer to digest. Up to half of all the vitamins within the food is lost and all of the enzymes have been destroyed. Eating cooked foods doesn't directly reduce the healthy enzymes in your body, but they don't replenish the enzymes and proteins that your body needs. Worst of all, pesticides are actually rearranged into more harmful compounds when they're heated. While few people would encourage you to eat raw meat, a recent study confirms the dangers of cooking food.

The Truth About Raw Food

Francis M. Pottenger Jr. is a doctor who conducted an experiment with 900 cats. Half of the cats he fed raw meats while feeding the other half cooked meats. The cats that were fed cooked meats were more irritable and more susceptible to disease. It has even been suggested that a lifetime of eating cooked foods is responsible for many of the diseases suffered by the elderly. Alzheimer's disease is caused by the formation of plaques and tangles in the brain. While there's no known connection between the two, it's known that eating cooked foods introduces inorganic substances into the blood stream. Eating cooked foods also robs the body of anti-inflammatory enzymes, which can lead to arthritis flair ups. It's still important to cook meats and kill harmful bacteria. However eating raw vegetables in one's youth may lead to more enjoyable senior years.

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How Probiotics From Yeast and Bacteria Produce Enzymes.

Few people seem to realize just how important probiotics are for the body and health in general and in fact, many people do not even have any idea what probiotics even are.

Probiotics are essentially living organisms that reside in the body and aid in various things such as digestion and nutrient uptake. They essentially coat the internal digestive tract and other areas of the body and work together to help the body function correctly. Unfortunately, when we eat certain foods, probiotics are killed and eliminated, which can lead to all sorts of negative affects on the body. Some of the most common foods that we eat on a regular basis are the biggest offenders, including chicken, beef, and most of all, cows milk. If you consume milk regularly, you can be quite certain that your body is lacking probiotics, which can cause a great deal of negative symptoms. Some signs that you may be experiencing a lack of probiotics are feeling gassy, bloated, and are experiencing great deals of heart burn or acid re-flux.

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These are some of the early signs that your body does not have enough probiotics and truly are the beginning stages of diseases such as cancer and all sorts of other terrible health problems.
Aside from food, the easiest way that a person can eliminate probiotics in the body is by taking antibiotics, which are terrible on the digestive tract. Because of these reasons, it is very important to regularly take probiotics, which will help your body to replenish the enzymes that are needed to be healthy. Probiotics do some interesting things in the body. They truly are like a team that works together to operate just about everything that you do with your body. We all have a great deal of bacteria and yeast in our bodies and although that may make a ton of people cringe, likely due to the negative connotation with both words, they are extremely healthy. It is important to understand what bacteria and yeast does for the body, before you can understand why it is so important to have a good amount of probiotics in the body that are regularly creating enzymes.

Are You Taking Enough Bowel Strength (or Probiotics) to Heal Your Bowel?

Bacteria is responsible for just about everything that the body does. The nutrients from the food we eat are taken to various parts of the body as a result of these types of bacteria. When the cells in your body need replenishing, when you work out your muscles and they need mending, and just about every other repair that goes on inside the body is a result of bacteria. Every time your body tells you are hungry or you need to go to the bathroom, this was a result of the bacteria in your body working. In essence, bacteria and yeast break down the food that enters the body, routes them to the various areas of the body that need it and controls the various things that our body does afterwards. You can start to see why it is so important to have the proper amount of bacteria and enzymes in the body when you start to realize these things.
In the end, it all comes down to keeping enough probiotics in the body.

There is a chain reaction that is set off by consistently taking probiotics, or by simply staying away from unhealthy and processed foods, and by eating a diet rich with fruits and vegetables. Most people find that the easiest way for them to take probiotics is in pill form, which is the way that most people take probiotics these days. There is no question that it is important for your body and you may be shocked to find that your body recovers from ailments that you had attributed to something else, after you start taking probiotics. You may come to even find out that your depression or anxiety has been eliminated, which is a very common symptom of not having enough probiotics and enzymes in the body, which most people simply try to treat by taking anti depression or anti anxiety medication.

Although it might not seem believable to a lot of people when they first hear about the benefits of taking probiotics to replenish their digestive tract regularly, it is a great idea to try, especially if you have made the decision to start taking medication. Maintaining enough probiotics and enzyme production in the body is absolutely essential to obtaining proper health, so if you want to get your body back to functioning as smoothly as possibly internally, you should consider getting yourself some probiotic pills, or at least do some research on the subject and make a decision for yourself. However, one thing is for certain. Taking probiotics regularly is not hurting anyone, so you have nothing to lose trying it.

What Are Enzymes?

Enzymes are assistants or catalysts in biology that defines a living thing from an inanimate object. It helps the living organism complete the chemical reactions needed for survival. Enzymes are made of various proteins. These proteins drive the chemical reaction needed for a certain nutrient or action. It’s important to mention not all proteins are considered enzymes. Enzymes either start the chemical reaction or speed up the process.

Enzymes- a fun introduction

Groups of Proteins in the Human Body
Although there are various kinds of proteins, they fit into two general categories, or groups:

• Structural proteins: Structural proteins make up the main type of enzymes in the body. The most-well known structural proteins are known as collagen. Collagen is found in bones, ligaments, tendons, nails and hair.
• Biological proteins: Biologically active proteins are considered the catalyst for the biochemical reactions in cell production.

Every part of the body is made of proteins. Whether it’s nerve fiber, muscle or hormone, it’s made of enzymes. For example, approximately 80 percent of dry weight muscle is made up of proteins. The dry weight of skin has about 70 percent of proteins and 90 percent of proteins make up blood’s dry weight.

How Enzymes Look
Enzymes consists of hundreds to millions of amino acids which resemble pearls on a string. It’s important to note every enzyme doesn’t look like a long string. Some are folded thousands of times or coiled. Whether it’s a coil, string, or folded in layers, they are three-dimensional structures. Each amino acid connects to the next chemical bond in the chain.

The majority of the amino acids are made of only 20 types of amino acids. The function and structure of enzymes actually determine the exact order of the amino acids. This means that amino acid sequences are unique. No two enzymes are alike. The uniqueness determine is determined by the genes located in cells.

Even a slight change in the three-dimensional structure can have a huge impact. Any time one or more of the acids are changed, replaced or missing, the entire sequence will act differently or not at all. For example, the changed enzyme will work on different biological molecules.

How Enzymes Work
Enzymes are just like huge robots making cars on an assembly line. Some of the giant robots are responsible for lifting the chassis, or framework, of the vehicle. Other robots lift the doors. While some of the huge robots are only responsible for inserting bolts in the frame. The protein inside cells work the same way.

In the human body, enzymes are considered nature’s tools because they cut food into tiny particles and convert them into energy used in the body. The process beings in a person’s mouth. The amylase enzymes the food. Different enzymes in the mouth are also responsible for continuously breaking down the food a person consumes. The enzymes keep breaking down the food as it travels to the stomach and into the intestines. Breaking down the food is vital to converting it into energy. Without needed enzymes, a person would die even if the food was digested.

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In plants, the enzyme and molecules are in the same area. The enzyme works by attaching itself to the molecule while in that special area referred to as an active site. This part of the process is called the enzyme-substrate complex. Keep in mind, the amino acids in the enzyme makes it work on specific molecules. So the active site fits around both the molecule and enzyme so the next part of the process can begin.

Catalysis occurs when the molecule is changed. The molecule could be combined with another molecule or broken down to make something new. The purpose is to either build a new chemical bond or break it apart. Once done, the enzyme-product complex is finished.

The last part of the process occurs when the enzyme releases the molecule. The enzyme returns to its original shape prior to working on another molecule.

Enzymes are the building blocks living organisms need to stay alive and grow. Plants, humans, animals, and microorganisms are all have enzymes. In the human body, the main function of enzymes is to transport molecules in and out of the body’s cells. The absence of enzymes can cause many types of diseases. One disease is called phenylketonuria, or PKU. It causes mental retardation and/or death in an infant. Tay-Sachs is another disease which is the result of enzyme deficiency. Like PKU it does cause mental retardation. Other symptoms include paralysis and death when not properly treated during childhood.